AP invoices against multiple receipt and same PO

We received a total of 100 units of x from our vendor. They invoiced us on 3 separate invoices for quantities of 73, 25 and 2. The first invoice was entered against the packing slip and PO and was okay.
When trying to enter the second one with the quantity of 25, the packing slip was not able to be pulled up even though the purchase order number was entered on the first screen.
Is it not possible to chip away at a receiving report a little at a time to match the invoice from a supplier?
How can I go about fixing this?
The open quantity does not show on the RNI report and there was not an entry for a variance, so I am unsure where the $ balance is sitting.
Thanks in advance,
Ray Parchim
Remke Industries, Inc.

You need to enable “Allow Multiple Invoicing of Receipts” in Company Configuration/Modules/Finance/Accounts Payable

Then when you add a new Receipt Line to the invoice you can modify the “Invoice Qty”, you will also see the “Final Invoice” checkbox is enabled, it will be set to true by default if the invoiced qty of all invoices so far matches the receipt qty, or you can manually set it as true even if you invoice a lower quantity.


Thank you for the quick response. The “Allow…” box is checked in the AP configuration.
How can I fix this issue? I have 2 invoices to enter against no receipts. The AP guy also found another instance of this before I could tell him about unchecking the “Final invoice” box.

What it sounds like may have happened is that when they received the parts, they may have been shipped on three different shipments (thus the three different invoices) but your receiving dept combined the three shipments into one receipt.
If this is what happened, this can be rectified by telling the receiving group to NOT combine packing slips. If there are three different packslips, even if all for the same PO, they should be received as three different receipts.
When entering invoices, it asks for the packslip… once you invoice a packslip, it is no longer available to match to another invoice.