Mass removal of jobs from schedule (i.e. mass deletion of ResourceTimeUsed records)

We have had the system configured for finite scheduling since go-live four years ago. Our production manager now would like to switch to infinite scheduling, but there is no way in Hades that I am going to do that without some serious testing first. I have discovered through testing with some individual jobs that it isn’t sufficient simply to clear the Engineering check box to remove the job from the schedule and then allow MRP to re-schedule the job. With some jobs, it has been necessary to use the Remove From Schedule function in order to delete related ResourceTimeUsed records and then MRP will re-schedule the jobs. Unfortunately, I see no way to replicate the Remove From Schedule functionality on a mass scale. Does anyone know if this is possible? Perhaps there are simpler alternatives that I’m just failing to consider; if that’s the case, please feel free to throw those at me, too.

have you tried to run the global reschedule feature?


I have not done that, @timshuwy. I personally have never used any of the Global Scheduling functionality nor have any of my past employers used any of that functionality, so I have very limited knowledge of what can or cannot be done with it. However, I appreciate the feedback, and I will investigate and test the functionality. If you have any tips/warnings, then I would be glad to see them. Thanks!

And if that doesn’t work… might be possible to achieve some mass updating via an updateable dashboard w/adv BPM.
I’ve only skimmed this thread but looks like it might get you in the ballpark,