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Hello everyone,

At my company, the QTY adjustment menu is open to all employees.
I would like to open this menu to only a select few people.
How can I set it up?
Thanks in advance.


Allow the Selected users In the Menu Maintenance → Security → Detail

Un check the Allow access to All Groups/Users and map the required users only.

Anbuselvi Thirumavalavan

Hi Pilio,

I would setup a security group and assign desired users to it and then on menu maintenance unclick to allow all users and then move new security group to selected groups only. This way when a user leaves the company, their Epicor account is made inactive but the security group assignment does not require any edits. New user who needs privs, gets assigned to the security group when setup in Epicor.


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Thank you for your reply.
But, this Qty-Adj menu cannot be customized. (Not activated)
How do I set this field to be enabled?
I have a security authority.

Oh, that’s a SaaS thing. You have to make a copy or new one.

Think of this as similar to when you open a system BAQ or something. You’re not allowed to edit it but you can make a copy and edit that. Or make new from scratch.

Now, be warned, this gets really confusing and bizarre.

So, the Detail tab with the orange arrow is not connected to the Security tab with the green arrow.

They are not connected. Absorb that in your mind.

If you make a new “Security,” it does not automatically get assigned to the menu item that you started on (the one in the orange Detail tab).

Instead, you

  1. Make a new “Security” and give it an ID
  2. Write down that ID that you just made
  3. Go back to the menu item “Detail” and manually type in your new security ID


We ran into the same issue (at least I think it was the same). Instead of creating a new security record, we did Actions/Copy to Current Company. This then opens up the ability to update the security.

Still, this is a royal pain when first setting up menu security as there is no bulk update. Hopefully in a future release…

Wow. Not sure but it sounds like a huge project. :grinning:

Yes, I’m really surprised the default is for wide-open access to everything for everyone.

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Or maybe they will finally not put it in 271 separate places.

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I was surprised just like you

Qty Adjustment was the first thing I changed security on.

I fully sympathize. Qty Adjustment is a menu that should not be open to everyone.

There is a menu security DMT. Making any updates via DMT automatically copies to current company. Make an arbitrary change to the description and you’re all set. Same with Menu Maintenance.

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I’ve done Copy to Current Company. It’s like creating a new menu.
But I ran into one issue. Since the existing QTY Adjustment menu cannot be deleted, users are still facing this menu.