9.05.702A Menu Security

We have acquired a company that is running 9.05.702A and their IT person quit. So I get to learn a previous version. YAY!
I have a user that can’t open Price List under Quote Management, Setup (or any other instance).
I look at menu security and the entire tree is “allow all users”.
There are security groups. And users are assigned to those groups but I can’t find a single place (or don’t know where to look) where groups are referenced at the menu level outside of the security tab of Menu maintenance. Any ideas? It doesn’t look like the form is customized.

Always worth checking Disallow Access tab

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Can’t open or don’t have the menu choice? They won’t see the choice if it a security issue.
If they can see it but it doesn’t open check for personalizations on that form and purge them.
Next would be to erase the Epicor\ProgramData directory while Epicor is closed and restart to erase any gremlins.

Hi Eric,

Any chance there’s a workforce setup / authorized user problem with the current user not being in the subject customer’s territory? I wouldn’t be surprised if customer price lists don’t show for unauthorized users in this case.


It is clear. Sorry should have said that.

They have a workforce ID and the authorized user on it is set to this user. And they can view all territories and the company pipeline.

Here’s the error message he is getting.
There are no customizations or personalizations on the Price Lists Form.

Their security is using process security to control access at the BO level…

This is not the way I learned how to administrate this system…

Glad you found it.