Menu Customization - Remove items from new

Is there a way to remove items/prevent staff from selecting when pressing new. Looking to give purchases access to Supplier Entry but not create New Supplier or GL CTRL


If not feasable via hidding the menus…another solution might be to create a group of users who are able to create new for supplier, GL and Tax and create a BPM if user not part of that group generate exception…

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Thanks Pierre. So purchasing could press on New Supplier but BPM fires saying “Not allowed to create new”? Any rough pointer on the BPM?


Well not sure about the new GL or new Tax exempt (you will have to test different scenario how those events can be catched…
But for new supplier, you would get a Method directive with Vendor business object. There is the GetNewVendor you could use, and use widget conditions in the BPM to not allow.
There might be the Update BO as well you could use…