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I’m trying to create a dashboard from the Menu Table. The big problem I’m having is that the table returns all menu items, regardless of if the are licensed to my current environment or not. This gives a bunch of results that I don’t want to see, ex Estimation Management

None of the fields in Menu seem indicate if it is licensed or not. Nothing stood out in the Security table either. Is there a database table for the license file or some other way for me to figure this out?

FYI - This is SaaS environment. The Company ID is blank until I copy the menu to the current company. I though using DMT to copy one of these invalid menu items might reveal something…it didn’t

@zwilli526 I took a run at doing this based on modules since licensing is by module. I also cleared all of the country specific choices.

I am On Prem and used SSMS so it was pretty quick, but I think this is close. For you I would run the baq wide open, copy it to excel and then build the not in list. Someone posted this week a tip that you can paste insert the IN clause in the BAQ. Top in clause are modules I do not own/use. Bottom was modules I wanted on the list. I kept building until the query was empty.

select MODULE,*
where CGCCode = '' and enabled = 1 
and  module not in ('ARL','CD','CM','IOT','PB','AEP','PKG','TCU','DNM','DRV','HH','EM','EPI','EQ','FA','FSA','FS','LC','AMC','CRL','MM','MS','MP','AA','PJ','PC','PR','EQA','RP','RQ','RS','TM','PYC','MFS','SI','EC') 
--and module not in ('AM','AR','AP','AS','IM','PI','BM','BP','XA','APP','CR','DE','GL','ES','HD','SU','JC','UD','MR','OM','PH','PM','QA','SE','SR','SS','SV','WE','DA','PS','PZ','XS')

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