MES and Time Expense Error when enter Employee Number

I have a user when trying to clock in to MES gets an error. I have tested other Employee Nums and they works just not his. I even tried from a different PC. I have never seen this and has stumped me.

I’m guessing it’s a bad record in the system. If you change the date load to one day, and move to a different date (like one in the future) does it let you in?

Not sure I follow. how do i change the date if I can’t even get in??
So it is entering data on the labor head but looks like he is not clocked in. When I clear the Labor Head…It errors on shift.

Is it erroring just when you first type in his employee number? Or trying to add a labor header?

If it’s the first try this.

If you can get it on a different time period, it’s probably a bad record. You would have to see if you can find it with a BAQ, and probably will have to contact service for a fix.

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Is this employee’s shift the same as others that work properly? Maybe go as far as changing their shift on the employee record and trying again.

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I tried that…no luck…just says no record

What says no record? You get an exception? Or comes up like a blank day (like it should)?

The issue was the shift. I am not sure what is wrong with the shift. I changed it and it worked and then tired to change it back. It did not work . We moved the shift until I can figure what is wrong.

I found out that the End time was reading 2400 not 00:00 in the Shift table. I chaned the shift to 12PM saved then back to 12AM. Once i did this the table showed correct time stamp and no more errors.