MES Auto Login

Is there a way to get MES to auto login when opened?


Yes, on the user you want to login as do the following: (from memory)
Open normal client
Log in
Settings > Allow Save Password (password policy needs to allow this)

it’s a major pain to do that on every single shop PC and even harder to keep in place between upgrades when the configs are blown away. We wrote a program that constantly populates the XML values required to auto login Epicor. It uses user and machine info to hash a key for login. We just re-mocked what epicor does when you allow auto login from the client menu so we never have to dick with it again. A more elegant, epicor sanctioned way of handling DC auto login would be excellent.

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@josecgomez would like me to mention you can use SSO in the same or a separate appserver which is true but for ease of admin we opted out of that route.

  1. Setup WindowsAuth (for MES) and HTTPS (for desktops) in the same app server and maintain client configs for each binding method
  2. Setup two app servers one for each binding and maintain client configs for each app pool

If I didn’t despise doing a Diff check every point patch on my configs I would maybe maintain more than one config, but I try to keep all our configurations in one client config and one app server for our purposes.

It’s not too taxing, assuming you are using the same generic MES user account. Once the sysconfig is generated, slap it on the server and any clients you want to auto connect, new shortcut and your golden

Until you patch and you have to re-diff your configs, that’s the part I hate

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We’re using SSO for this purpose on the shop floor. Actually we’re using SSO in all cases. We love it.

We have a few MES users and we’re planning to use just one MES login. I tried the whole process of generating the encrypted passwords from the client auto login and it did update the config file. However, it does not seem to like me copying the same config file to another machine. is the encrypted password tied to a machine/user?

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If you plan on moving to Azure AD, there will soon be another option: Certificate Based Authentication. You install a cert on the machine, at the Azure AD login screen, choose “Other ways to sign in”, select “Use a Certificate”, a drop-down of installed certificates associated with various usernames appear, select one, and log in.

Overview of Azure AD certificate-based authentication (Preview) - Azure Active Directory

Azure AD Certificate Based Authentication Demo (CBA)

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well so much for that… i used another machine to do the auto login and it generated a new unique encrypted password so copying the sysconfig file will now work… i guess…

@Mark_Wonsil - how soon???

It’s in public preview right now. Link above.