MES Operation not completing

Some of our jobs are not completing operation when we type in Qty 1. As soon as it is submitted, the system changes the number back to zero. As you can see, an extra login was required to complete the operation. If unnoticed, these operations remain open. I can not figure out the reason it is happening.

One thing to check is the Labor Entry setting under Job Details / Operation
I have not seen your specific issue but I had a similar one, and this setting was the cause.
I think for your case it should be either Time and Quantity or Quantity Only. Is yours set as Backflush by any chance?

I’ll check this field against some older jobs and see if I find a difference. This was one of the problem jobs set to “Time and Quantity”.

Edit: We’ve been consistently using T “Time and Quantity”. Intermittent issues during operation 30, or nobody else is saying anything.

Basically the operation will not be completed and the next user will complain back to the previous user.

Epicor is not of any help since I cannot reproduce the issue on demand.

During End Activity, I did witness that when Qty was changed from 0 to 1 it did not automatically check the completed box. After cancelling and trying again 10 more times it checked the box automatically every time.

Since the users never interact with the checkbox, they will now have to keep an eye on it, to make sure the system “bpm” is doing its job.