Method Directive Part

Need help on a Method Directive setting defaults on the PartPlant table from part entry.
What I have. Pre-Processing on the ttPart table with alt least one updated row that leads to a post directive.

Post Directive

  • Condition Enabled from PreProcessing directive above
  • Msg box “post Process Started” passed
  • Invoke BO Method Erp.Part.Update
  • Msg Box “Details from Part plant table” all passed
  • Set Field ttPartPlant.LeadTime All Rows value 7
  • Msg box Details from Set field passed

At this point in the UI the LeadTime field on the Part > Sites > Detail tab shows 7 days, but if I close out or refresh it resets to 0. What am I missing?

I think you need to do an update after you set the values.

How? Invoking the BO Erp.Part.Update Again after the field set does not seem to make any difference

I agree the Set field needs to be before the update. Maybe try calling the UpdateExt method. Your most likely running into trouble b/c you on the ttPart table when making the update so that’s the temp table that you have available but you’re trying to update the Part Plant Table. You might have better luck if you make some update on the part plant table and then set the field at that time.