Method Tracker open Engineering Workbench

I want to add Method Tracker to our MES screen but it keeps opening Engineering workbench instead of the tracker form. That isn’t happening in Epicor - When I select Method Tracker from Engineering/General Ops, it opens the tracker as expected.
When I added the menu id to the script in MES for the added button, it opens Engineering Workbench. When I look at menu maintenance I can see it calling for the EngWorkBenchEntry form.

So I followed the instructions in this old post and i’m getting the same result. Does anyone have any modification suggestions for fixing this or should we contact Epicor?

Yeah… I remember running into this a while back too.
Seems like Epicor throws a curve-ball every once in a while to keep things “interesting”?

Not sure this will help you (or… what, exactly I was even trying to accomplish at the time)
but FWIW…
I ended up using a customization for that program ( Erp.UI.EndWorkBenchEntry.dll )
Attached a copy (10.1.6) and some screenshots below…
BOMTrackerForm_MethodTracker.xml (30.9 KB)

Hi Valorie & @bordway

Some of the Epicor menus have a attribute that you can’t see in Menu Maintenance called Arguments:

Off the top of my head PO Tracker is the same. I use an uBAQ to search the original Argument then update my new menu

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There is an argument that gets passed. I have a UBAQ out there to see/modify those arguments. Check out what’s on the method tracker and see if applying that do your MES menu will fix it.

Thanks all for the suggestions. I’ve tried passing the argument via a UBAQ, but it’s still opening Engineering Workbench in MES. Both versions of the Method Tracker menu item in Epicor open the Method Tracker form as expected but it’s not happening in MES. For now I have them opening Method Tracker from a context menu on part tracker.

I think MES uses a process which the huge unsorted list at the bottom of menu maintenance

Good point, now that you mention it…
I remember at least once having to manually modify the arguments some menu item since the menu editor wouldn’t save args correctly (but… now I’m not sure if that was my custom method tracker or not.)

Ref screenshot of args for the custom method tracker menu item on a test system

That’s right - my customized MES menu is in the process list and I have lots of customized buttons for various tasks added on several of the MES Screen tabs. The last one I needed to add was Method Tracker. Every other button is working on the customized screen except method tracker.

Yes NOW that I tested this in MES…I see what you mean.
I assigned my custom method tracker to an MES button… using button_click.
e.g. ProcessCaller.LaunchForm(this.oTrans, “UDMTHTRK”);

BUT… when I click the button in MES launching the standard Eng Workbench
hmmmn… from the E10 menu… UDMTHTRK launches the correct custom form.
If I get some time I’ll try playing around…
Otherwise… have you tried calling Epicor support yet?

I have not. that is my next step - i’ll post any resolution or response i get.