MFG-VAR Calculation

Does anyone have a reference of the calculation within Epicor that works out each of the elements (Material, burden…) When a Job is closed and rolled up please?

The Job Costing Guide on EpicWeb should go over all of the different calculations. I suggest reading through it.

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Thanks Tim, I’ve got that in front of me already…but it does quote add up sometimes. Especially when jobs have DMRs against them.

i was able to get mfg-var from linking couple of tables together.

JobHead, PartTran, JobAsmbl.

JobAsmbl table to get actual cost to date
PartTran to get transaction cost of jobs that were received to stock or shipped using your costing method. (Mfg-cus, mfg-stk, mfg-wip)

If Jobhead.Closed = True, then the different between actual cost to date and Transaction cost = variance.
If Jobhead.Closed = False, then the variance is still in WIP till the job is closed.

That gets most of the issues sorted - but there is still something weird about how the DMR gets valued up It seems to use as massive material amount if small DMR amounts are rejected.