Source of MFG-VAR transaction

What creates a MFG-VAR part tran, when the job was never shipped or closed?

FWIW - the job was a make to order for an order(2190249) that was eventually abandoned. A new order(2190315) was created months later for the same MTO parts, and the items were shipped from the original jobs (2190249-xx-1), against the new order.

WIP Recon report filtered to the related jobs shows just

  • The STK-MTL trans for the parts issued to the jobs(all dated 4/2/19)
  • The MFG-VAR trans for the finished parts(all dated 6/6/19)

The finished parts shipped on 6/26/19, but dont show on the WIP Recon report. I’m guessing they don’t show, because they had no cost when shipped, because the cost was removed from WIP when the MFG-VAR happened.

I found the issue. The job was closed after material was issued, and before it shipped.

When the job eventually shipped under a different order, there was no cost left in WIP to use as the COS. Had there not been a change to the order the job was for, the cost from the MFG-VAR would have been moved to COS.