Minimum Sales Order Value MOV

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I wonder if you guys can help me. I want to look at how we can introduce a minimum order value of say £350. If the order is less than this then a Line (maybe a misc line) is added which tops the value up to £350.

First question - is there anything standard in Epicor to deal with this?
Second- if not, then I think I could use a bpm to deal with this, has anyone done this before?

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I have a couple of questions.

Guess my questions didn’t get through. :slight_smile:

  1. Are all customers subject to the same minimum? If not, you may need a custom field in the customer to give the minimum figure. If not, I suggest a custom field in the order entry company config so that you can modify the amount rather than hard code it.

  2. Will the minimum be on a release, line or order basis? This will make a difference on how any BPM or customization will analyze and perform.

  3. When will the analysis take place? This is another key to operational performance. If you do the analysis when the order is marked “Ready”, you have to analyze the whole order for a minimum situation. If on the line or release, how do you want to handle any changes?

  4. How is the user to be notified so that the customer is notified and is there an override situation? Will the minimum update the current line, add a miscellaneous charge to the line automatically or just notify the user for further action?

These are all just things off the top of my head but things you need to consider when starting this action.

Charlie Smith
CRS Consulting


Yes I was planning on a custom field on either site or Customer table which the BPM could reference.

Ideally when order is marked for Ready, then the Whole order total value would be analysed. A dialogue pop up notifying the user if they so wish the additional charge to be added, if they say No. Then they must add to the order to top up the value.

Really epicor should have this functionality as standard. Including minimum order quantity.