Missing Chunk of Data Across Multiple Tables after Upgrading from 10.2.400 to 10.2.700.37

I’m missing a big chunk of data from June through Present after upgrading from 10.2.400 to 10.2.700.37 this weekend.

Notably, all the GL entries for the last few months are missing. Part Trans History is missing as well for commonly used parts, I’m not sure what else at this point.

We haven’t changed (or touched) Epicor Administratively (as far as upgrades go), so I’m not sure what’s significant about June.


Where would you begin tackling this? I can’t imagine rolling back and doing the upgrade again would yield different results. I opened a case with Epicor Support. I figured I’d come here to see if anyone else could weigh in while I wait.

I was thinking of spinning up an old 10.2.400 server to compare the data, though I already know it was there Friday Pre Upgrade, so even if I found the differences, with the complexities of the GL engine, I wouldn’t even know if it’s possible to fathom merging them.

Any thoughts? How would you proceed with remediation?

Epicor recommends you close your books, month among other things before the Upgrade. Then after you upgrade it should require you to run Conversion Workbench.

The assumption I have is, did the person who did the Upgrade grab an older Database snapshot from Period 6, instead of taking a fresh pre-upgrade Database Backup, hence you seem to have data missing from 7 & 8. Hence why you have a gap.

I’ve done numerous upgrades for a decade, haven’t seen this issue unless someone upgraded an older database.

I know you are focusing on your GL but do you have a data gap for any other tables like PartTran, Order, PO etc?

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Yes, we closed the books. Hmm, interesting idea on the database snapshot from Period 6, that would certainly satisfy the unexplained gap. Yes, the gap exists in other tables. I’m examining the backup now.

Let’s assume I applied the wrong backup, I should be able to restore the correct backup to my current Live database, then I should be able to kick off the mandatory conversions again as if I had launched the admin console for the first time?

Thanks for your insight.

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Yes you can restore it and then re-visit the Admin Console and it should detect that its a lower version and prompt a Database Upgrade (The Admin Console will run the DB Scripts again, if it doesnt there is a button in AC to trigger it), followed by Conversion Workbench.

Basically do it again. You shouldn’t have to touch the AppServer besides maybe turning it off for now and then restarting it.

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I think you’ve taken me from breadcrumbs to candy house. Let’s see what lies inside :slight_smile:

Thank you so much!

Thank you. You gave me just what I needed. Turns out I upgraded my Test database before copying Live over it (doh!), then I did the upgrade on the outdated Test database. After it finished successfully, I copied that upgraded/outdated database (erroneously) over Live instead of doing it all again on Live. I’ll leave my stupidity here for posterity and a lamppost to anyone who walks behind me.

I was able to copy a backup of Live over to the corrupt Live, and then picked up from the the database conversions step of the instructions.

Thanks for weighing in.