Modifications Control

We were recently acquired and our parent entity is a publicly traded corporation. We have managed to institute most of the controls requested of us. One that has us a bit challenged is program change control. We need to be able to report any additions or changes made to Epicor functionality. Internal to Epicor I guess this would mean BPM’s or Updateable BAQ’s. Most everything else we do that touches Epicor data is done through business objects so that is not technically a modification. Anyone else have this requirement and how do you handle it? I don’t see a way to identify either object with time stamps.



Hi Keith - In general that would probably only include Customizations and BPM’s. Both of those can be tracked in either Customization Maintenance or the BPM screens (Method Directives and Data Directives). There should be a timestamp, a user, and in the case of customizations (if filled out) a changelog.

Well - I guess dashboards could also be included as well.

Does this sound like what you are talking about?

Exactly, just need to get at that data for reporting.


You should be able to write a BAQ/Dash to compile all that data