Move from Kinetic to P21

I do have this question in Kinetic since that is the platform I am on now. I am adding it here since maybe someone has done this.

Good afternoon and I know this is an older thread that I had started. I was on a call with our new management team, and they have asked about this. One of the companies we had purchased was looking at P21 before they were purchased and are pushing to have the product and not ERP.

What this would look like is:

  • a multi-company configuration
  • Parent company to manage master data and rollups
  • 2 separate companies to start
  • First company would be coming from Quickbooks and Fishbowl ERP
  • Second company (the one I am with) from Kinetic to P21
  • Modules we would like:
    – Shipping for Parcel and LTL with Rate Shopping (We use quickship in Kinetic would that work)
    – ECM (Docstar) for AP flow and additional document storage
    – 1 EDI Source for EDI Management
    – API connection to Amazon Seller Central, BigCommerce, eBay, and Magento (Would this be automation studio or does it have connections)

thoughts on this? Has anyone done this?


I agree Mark and both of the company’s business model is Distribution but before I came to the company, they had purchased ERP aka Kinetic. Before John time and could not change it. When I asked if we wanted to move management said no. Now we are owned by a different conversation, and they are considering the change. Maybe 1-2% is job assembly which could be handled just with Sales Kits.

For the new company we can switch gears and set them up in P21 as they are not in Kinetic yet. My concern is with moving our current operations from Kinetic to P21 in time and cost as a second company.

I thought I would ask the user group if anyone has done this.