Moving materials from one job to another?

Hi group, in Vantage 6.1, how are you handling movement of materials from one job to another?

We create job on a monthly basis based on forecasts, and one job starts after the other.

At the end of the first job, production will usually have additional materials, how can this be moved from job 1 to 2?

I read a post on this from 2006

There was some mention of wip to wip, but it wasn't addressed entirely. In the end, they talked about how you receive an assembly from one job to another, using receipt from mfg.

But RFM can't move materials between two jobs?

Things I've tried,
In Inventory Management
1) Return from Material - The TO JOBS section is greyed out.

In Data Collection > Advanced Material Management
1) Move Material - I'm shown a similar interface with Return from Material and again, the TO JOB is greyed out, allowing me only to Move the material from my job, to a warehouse and bin.

The material is moved to a different warehouse/bin, but it's still tied to that job.

2) Tried using Adjust Material but it doesn't do anything?
If I've issued 100 material to job, and adjust material of -10 reduces it to 90, but where did the cost go? In inventory transaction, it still shows job 1 issued 100 materials, WIP reconciliation doesn't show any movement of materials too.

Any other places i should look?

Any quick way to move the material from one job to another?
Seems like we have to return back to warehouse, and issue from warehouse again?