Issuing of Materials to Jobs

Our delivered product consists of parts, specific to a sales order,
packed together. We issue a job and the job materials provide the
packing list. Currently we backflush the issue of parts from job
operation completion. This means that there can be a big time delay
between parts being packed and them being issued on Ventage. We would
like to issue the materials as we pack them. We could use Inventory
Issues/Returns but it seems a bit labor intensive. Mass Issue doesn't
appear to give us an easy way to issue as we pack and to add notes as
we go. We are wondering whether Advanced Materials Management (which
we have not bought) would give us a slick way of issuing materials.
Does anyone use it? Is it worth the money? Would we get the material
issuing functionality I'm talking about? Does it include anthing else
you'd recommend?
I'd love to hear your views,