MRP and Scrap Qty

Scrap quantities entered in MES according to purchasing resulted in New PO suggestion from MRP running. We have not changed versions, 10.1.400.20 currently.

Epicor Support has told me that Scrap Qty is not a MRP field. I am just wondering if anyone has found that Scrap Qty resulted in a demand for materials?

I think the MRP Engine in a few places does some math with a Job’s “EstScrap” fields from a Job Operation to determine the actual Run Qty and Required Qty. I dont know the functional purposes, I just know when I was reflecting on it in the past I saw several places in code using EstScrap if the FixedQty was false. Likewise for JobMtl.

Even the Mfg Lead Time Process has something like

JobOper.RunQty = JobOper.RunQty + (JobOper.RunQty * (JobOper.EstScrap / 100));

I guess I can’t believe that Epicor would not look at Scrap Qty based on enters on MES. I have a Dashboard that shows the entries, but still requires the job to be reopened and asm qty to be changed, so we can reorder parts based on a scraping a subassembly.

Scrap quantities entered for a job will consume inventory, (I’m assuming you are back flushing?) and thus will affect future MRP runs . So if you use up enough materials, you are going to get purchase suggestions to replace the materials that were used. This isn’t specific to MRP, we don’t use MRP, just purchase suggestions but if we use up something unexpectedly the system reacts and creates a purchase suggestion if there is demand, or if you inventory goes negative.

What you describe sounds like normal behavior to me. What is it you expect to see?

Yes back flushing is used. The PO Suggestions to replace materials is not occurring since the job is showing issued materials issued to the operation. The behavior of scrap qty acts like prod qty. The materials are back flushed to the job and the scrap entries lead to no new PO suggestions.

I expect scrap qty to issue the parts and the prod qty on the sub-assembly to ask for more materials till the job is completed.

I’m confused. In your first post you said that the PO suggestion did happen.

and now you are saying.

So, there are purchase suggestions happening, so the system is asking for more.

Again, it sounds like it’s working correctly and as you would expect it to.

What am I missing?

Hi Banderson,

Purchasing/Production says that New PO Suggestions did occur till a certain date in the last year.

Current situation is New PO Suggestions do not occur based on MRP.
Epicor Support says that scrap qty is not a field that MRP uses. I checked through MRP documentation/Quality Documentation and I can’t find any documented usage of the Scrap Qty field for MRP.

Does this happen across the board (all jobs)? Or just noticed on one new job (or jobs for the same finished part)? Perhaps this MOM has an issue with backflushing/ last operation.

BTW - When you enter a scrap Qty in MES, does that create any part trans for the components?

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ok, you left out second half of that story where now it’s not working. Makes more sense now.

I would agree that it doesn’t use scrap qty directly. But it should react to inventory changes.

Couple questions, are you buying directly to the job? (is purchase direct checked?) or is it coming from inventory? If you are buying direct the job, I don’t know if the system will generate new suggestions as the original requirement won’t go up. If you are using regular inventory, do you have enough inventory in stock to cover the missing transactions?

Those are two possible reasons that I no suggestions could happen.

To help troubleshoot, is this a widespread issue? Or a specific part number? Can you run a test in your test system where you scrap a ridiculous number and see if suggestions are created?

Finally, can you post a screen shot of the time phase of the part in question? That would help us understand what we are looking at better.

Ditto on the BOM that @ckrusen mentions. Materials need to be related to operations to backflush.

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Q1. Not buying direct to job
Q2. I purchased inventory and checked on hand quantities.
Q3. In screenshots below, I entered a scrap quantity of more than the sub-assembly required quantity of 9. Only 1 was enter as Qty completed. Ran MRP and tested using time phase, job does not show any requirements for the material under this operation, due to it issuing complete.

My thoughts back flushing reacts to quantities entered and treats a Qty Completed and Qty Scrap through MES the same, issuing materials to the job. The sub-assembly in my example has 1 Qty Completed, but does not reorder the materials to produce more sub-assemblies based on Qty Scrap of 9.

I see requirements for 6, a PO for 1, a PO for 3, and a suggetion to buy 2 more for a total of 6.

I still am not seeing what the problem is.

edit now I see, you should see requirements for job 002068

I issued complete checked in the job?

Yes issued complete is checked.
The operation is not checked complete.

What happens if you go into job adjustment and uncheck issued complete?

Job Adjustment appears to be a cost adjustment entry, do you mean “Issue Material”?

So the core of the problem is that an ASY has had all the required material issued to it, but the ASY is not yet complete?

That entering a scrap qty for the ASY issues materials against it, but still marks them as issued complete?

Yes Calvin, you have explained better than I did.