MRP doesn't appear to take into account a manual transfer?

As per the below screenshot, we created a manual transfer to satisfy bringing a branch to their max. The branching we are transferring from does not have a minimum. We do not want MRP to suggest buying this part in the branch receiving the transfer, but it seems to ignore the transfer completely. We understand we can setup parts to be a transfer permanently, but this is just a manual transfer to temporarily optimize stock.
Has anyone successfully had MRP taken into account a manual transfer?

I think you are misinterpreting the issue…
The system did recognize the transfer, but you are not receiving parts in time and you are below the minimum (6)… when you are below the minimum, the system will try to bring in the parts sooner. Since the lead time is 8 days… 11/15 is beyond the 8 day leadtime, so it suggests a new transfer order, and then suggests to cancel the other firm transfer.


@timshuwy - thanks a bunch for the help!

We changed the date on the transfer order to be Monday and shipping today. We reran mrp for that part for the 65 site and it still shows the MRp suggestion to buy. What am I missing?