MRP log files (Cloud)

Where do the MRP log files go when using the Cloud version?

here you go!

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You can use an inside the client screen called Server File Download to download files that are stored on the server for your tenancy.

Here is a link to a KB we have on this functionality: Sign In

Or, you can open application help from within your client and search for server file download to see the topic/steps on how to download files from the Cloud servers to your machine.

EDIT 1: This isn’t just available to Cloud customers. On-premise customers can also lock down \epicordata and have users download log files/report files using this process as well.


@aidacra - Cool! I just checked, but we don’t have that menu item in 10.0.700.4 (OnPrem). If it became available later, can the KB article be updated (i.e. 10.1+) instead of “Applies to ERP10”. I do see it in out 10.2.200 test environment. Thanks!

Here’s what I see in 10.0 (and AFAIK, have every menu item available):

Absolutely correct, this was introduced beginning in 10.1.400. This doc was created with our Cloud customers in mind, and as all Multi-tenant and Dedicated Tenant Cloud customers are always on current code (+/- a release for DT) we didn’t think to clarify when it was introduced.

I have added the versions where this functionality exists in the KB and a note where it was first introduced per your feedback to avoid confusion for our non-Cloud customers

Thanks for the feedback!

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