MRP Logs location

Epicor 10.1.600.06

Does anyone know the file path to the log files that MRP writes to? Is it just Event Viewer? We are tying to figure out why our MRP process is getting hung up and want to view its logs.

Thank you for any help.

On the Server it would be C:\EpicorData\Companies(YourCompany)\Log(Username)

Or on your Machine you can go to \(yourServer)(yourcompany)\Log(Username)


I didn’t setup our server but need to see the log, the path for us also has an epicordata directory in there, don’t know if yours does too, we’re on 10.1.600.5. Our MRP log is here:

\ OurServerName \ epicordata \ Companies \ OurCompanyName \ Log \ UserNameMRPRunSubmittedUnder


Yep we found them. Thanks for all of the help.