MRP Making Change Suggestion vs Writing New Job

Is there any way I can control this?

In our situation, if a job is firm and released to the floor, in most cases it is too late to make changes to the production quantity. Right now MRP is suggesting I make changes to jobs that are already released. it is doing this even with jobs where some operations are marked complete.

I would like to be able to specify when MRP creates a change suggestion vs creates a new job.

There is a checkbox on Job Entry called “Lock Quantity” which will prevent MRP from making quantity change suggestions on firmed jobs. Any new demand will generate a new MRP job rather than trying to change the run quantity on the existing job.


Perfect thank you.

Are there any settings that affect this checkbox or am I looking at a custom solution if I want this to get auto-checked if certain conditions are met?

I think you will need a BPM to set the checkbox automatically. We have method directives that default this checkbox to true whenever a job is created or marked as firm, since we rarely change job quantities once a job is created.

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