MRP not accounting for Sales order or Forecast Demand

Based on how she phrased her comment I made the assumption they wanted to produce in groups of 50. She’s not below Min + Safety she has 40 and needs 20 that puts her at Min + Safety. Does that count in Epicor as below Safety?

@timshuwy This looks like it worked. I put safety stock to 0 and min on hand to 20. And I eliminated the short planning horizon value that was set to 120. I know have a MRP job for 50 pieces and it will finish before the sales order is due to ship! I will continue to do testing on other parts and add it forecast to this also.

Thank you all!

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So… a little bit about Epicor’s Min/Max/Safety settings.

  1. Epicor is PREDICTIVE… it doesn’t wait till you run out. It takes action before you actually run out. This is why it is not really called a “reorder level” like some systems. If it sees that your order that is two months out will put you below min, it will tell you to order more, even though you are not yet below safety.
  2. Safety is “special”… if you EVER get below safety, MRP considers this to be catastrophic, and will suggest an IMEDIATE order to fulfill, even if you have no future demands.
  3. MIN is treated more like a reorder point (except is is predictive) but, if you have a leadtime of 30 days, and if you have the “Allow Consumption of Minimum” setting to TRUE, then the system will not treat it as an emergency, as long as you have a PO or JOB that is scheduled to finish before the leadtime of 30 days.In other words… Minimum of 100, Stock of 100, with a leadtime of 30, and you have a PO to purchase 25 more at 25 days out… if you have a demand that consumes 1 piece, you only have 99 (below min), but since you will fix that within the leadtime, it will not tell you to fix it. IF you did this same thing with Safety stock, it would give an IMEDIATE SUGGESTION for a PO to buy 1 more TODAY, even though you already have a PO.