MRP not accounting for Sales order or Forecast Demand

Hello, We are implementing the MRP module in 10.2.600 and I am having trouble with our finished goods not creating MRP jobs from sales order and forecast demand. A MRP job will create when I use MPS entry and enter demand. It also works when the stock is consumed and below order point but I want it to be able to see when it will be below order point and create a MRP job.

Any insight would be appreciated.

Can you post a few screenshots of the part entry planning and site tabs?

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Below are screenshots of part entry >sites >detail and part entry>sites>planning

Hi Amy,

I would say you are not getting a job as you are not going below you min on hand. I have only looked at safety stock a good while ago and I think that it just adds to the job/order QTY when you go below min on hand.

I’m not seeing a forecast entry in your timephase screenshot. Is for this part?

Shouldn’t the system see the demand from the sales order and know it will go below the reorder point and create a mrp job?
Below is another example where I have added the forecasts but no mrp job creates.

Personally, and I’m not an inventory person, I don’t like the naming terminology against how I previously saw Epicor behave with Safety Stock. If you set Part 1035 with a min on hand of 16 and a safety stock of 18 and run MRP against it you should see a job created. I’m going to guess it will be for 19 i.e. 1 to meet MOH and +18 for safety.

Hi Amy,

It does look like you should be getting an unfirm job. Do you have an approved revision for the mfd part? Are you running MRP with dynamic checked (MRP - Suggestions - #2 by timshuwy)? Do you have Allow use of Minimum on hand checked (Some questions about the Re-order point)?


How far out are you running MRP? Is the qty under min within the MRP window you’ve got set? Please post your MRP screen… Have you run MRP in regen-mode recently?

Hi Nancy,
The part does have an approved revision. I have ran MRP different ways with the same results. I have checked dynamic on both cut off date and schedule start date. I have also moved out the scheduled start date 3 months. I did not have Allow use of minimum on hand checked but it is checked now.


You are using cut off date and schedule start date incorrectly in your screenshot. You want cutt off in the future or not at all set an start date as today. Update that and run again see what you get.


Hi Andris, I have ran it a couple of different ways. I have went out as far as 3 month. Currently I will be below reorder point next week. I have only ran MRP in regen mode because I only have 7 MOM’s in the test system.

Agree with everyone and @jgiese.wci probably has the answer.

But for the future, make use of the logs. I use a “level” of “MRP” (not basic) and give it a name.

The logs often tell you the very exact reason why something failed. Only pain is that when you run 7 processes, you have 7 text files to open and do Ctrl+F for your failed part. Of course, if you are just testing and filter it to a single part, life is good.


@Nancy_Hoyt is correct…
My recommendation for most companies:

  1. Cutoff date - leave blank
  2. Schedule Start Date: DYNAMIC, and set to “Today” or “Tomorrow”

This would be my next recommendation to her, however in this case because the cut off date is today it wouldn’t have told her anything at all.

@timshuwy @Nancy_Hoyt
This finally created a MRP job! However the qty it created is not the min. lot size. It looks like it created a job to get it back at reorder point.


You have a lot multiple of 1, I believe for what you are after it needs to be 50.

Min lot is min job qty and max lot is max job qty so for Example

Required Quantity = 500, Lot Multiple = 150, Lot Maximum = 450, 2 jobs will be created with production quantities of 450, and 150.


What is your forecast window? If you are using forecast, you need to set the before and after windows to have the forecast be consumed by entered sales orders.

@AmyCombs something I would recommend is that you perform a bunch of testing with MRP on just a small group of parts changing one param at a time to really get a good idea of how the system reacts to those params. I have some notes from our testing in Confluence that I’ve screenshot below but with MRP and seeing how it fits your business it really is a seeing is believing sort of thing. The technical reference guide does a great job explaining the formulas, hows, and whys but it’s a heck of a read no doubt.

These notes are not formal they are just blurbs as I tested

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I should also mention watch your multiples as they relate to min max safety if you set these out of phase from each other you can make MRP freak the F out. Example I want multiples of 50 my min is 450 but my max on hand is 480. Unless you’re inventory balance is such that the math works out MRP is going to panic, because it can’t get you to 480 as a multiple. It’s an extreme example but when you are working at small mins like 10 this can become a problem very quickly

@AmyCombs, Nope… lot multiple of 1 is fine, that means that you cannot make 1.5 or 2.5… if you set lot multiple of 50, then if you need 55, it will tell you to make 100. I am wondering if the Short Planning Horizon is biting us, and/or the fact that you are below min+safety stock… Safety DOES cause addional “rush” situations. The new order is causing you to fall under your min+safety. Try a few things: 1. Change the Min to 20, and the safety to 0 and see what happens. 2. try loading the short planning horizon with the same values so the match regular planning values.