MRP run time doubled, throws error "The socket connection was aborted."

Has anyone experienced the below issue before? We have been getting the attached error concerning a socket timeout without warning, after going several days with MRP running successfully. Run time is approx. 4 hrs. normally for a regenerative run, however when the error occurs run time at least doubles to 8 hrs. or longer, and MRP continues to run in the background while The process reports the error in System Monitor, then will change to “Complete” in System Monitor when it finishes. Any help or insight on this would be greatly appreciated!
MRP Error 20220726.txt (5.0 KB)

Hi John,

We are experiencing a very similar problem. We we getting timeout errors almost exactly as you describe. Our MRP regen right now is failing almost 30% of the time we run it. Currently we have a case open with Epicor on this. We haven’t made a lot of progress as we keep having other issues with MRP that are popping up as well. We are cloud hosted so we are mostly playing a game of tag with MRP logs every time the process fails. It seems to be failing from this specific issue less but it is hard to judge at the moment since we have had other issue cancelling or terminating the process lately. Unfortunately I don’t have any options to help with your issue but you are not alone in the problem.

@JMyers56 What logging are you running on MRP? Have you looked at the main log for abandoned processes? How many processors and schedulers are you running? If a processor gets stopped on a partnum it can’t process, it will stop for an hour waiting for a human to change a demand or job to clear its issue. If you have demands that are out of alignment they can run you out of processors or schedulers. The ones that are left not hung are processing the rest of the run so it completes, but it takes longer. I had an MRP person tell me I should be able to run 10 and 5 so I did for a few days and the run died each day. I am currently running 40 processes and 80 schedulers. I had 30 schedulers not finish this weekend, but the run finished in 4 minutes and 30 seconds.