Hello During our MRP run for manufactured parts in the log for the MRP in particular theres a part with a re order to max of 30 currently theres a manual job on for 5 in the logging it looks as though the MRP is trying to change it to build 30 which it does in the log but then reverts it back to original quantity ?

Wonder if MRP is creating a “qty” suggestion for that job in the “Planning Workbench”?

which we want it to do to suit the min and max but it does not go through with it

So there is a suggestion to modify the existing job?

If so, then yes I’ve seen this behavior, where MRP creates a job change suggestion and does nothing else. Sorry I can’t remember off the top of my head which conditions result in suggestions only.

In my case just I ended up building a custom dashboard to list “qty” suggestions in the PartSug table. Just so they wouldn’t keep falling thru the cracks.