Make to Stock suggestion NO MRP

We are working on going live and just upgraded to 10.2.700.8 to fix what was assumed to be a bug before we go live. At the moment we don’t have MRP (were told we didn’t need it). I am struggling to see job suggestions for any Make to Stock jobs (marked as non-stock or stock) that that have a Qty fall below zero (we were told we didn’t need min/max qtys). Everything I am seeing that talks about make to stock only references MRP.

Where should I be seeing suggestions for parts that fall below zero

or do we indeed need MRP.

I would not expect to see any job suggestions without MRP.

Don’t just take my word though, hopefully more people will post. But I would be surprised if someone else said otherwise.

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Thank you for the response! We do see Make Direct Job suggestions from Sales Orders.

Can anyone else confirm that MRP is needed?

I would say you need MRP. That is what it is for. It looks at demand, and figures out what it needs to get back to 0 (or min max). I don’t know what else would do that. We use MRP all the time, and it is totally required to build parts for jobs, orders, or stock. If there is anything I have learned in our implementation (we went go live on jan 1st) it is that epicor sales is great at getting you into the product, but do not fully understand the needs of your business at the time of sales. Then it becomes the implementers job to struggle though what the sales team sold you. I am surprised your implementers are not telling you to get the MRP module. If you manufacture stuff, you need it. But i would also say, I have no idea the scope of your business. If you are making a few things every now and again, and could handle manually making jobs based on dashboards, Then you could do that without MRP. If you have a constant need for the automation, MRP will suit you well.

In your system as it is now, you are most likely using the Order Job Wizard to create those Make Direct job suggestions from sales orders. The only process I’m aware of that will create equivalent job suggestions for an inventory requirement would be MRP… so yes, if you want Epicor to create those job suggestions you’ll need MRP.

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I believe that make to stock is automatically handled by Epicor only via MRP run. You get planning suggestions (not unfirm jobs) automatically when you make a make direct sales order line/release. This occurs without MRP run. From Epicor help on Planning suggestions we get:

Planning Workbench

The Epicor application provides suggestions when you create new sales orders or change existing ones. The Planning Workbench allows you to view the following information:

  • Sales order line and releases for a non-stock item, and the jobs that need to be performed to satisfy the demand.
  • Sales order changes due to a linked sales order change. These changes include:
    1. Date - The request date can move forward or backward.
    2. Revision Level - The revision on the sales order is different than the revision on the attached job.
    3. Quantity - The sales order quantity can be increased, decreased, or canceled.
  • If your company uses the Material Requirements Planning (MRP) module, the Planning Workbench also creates suggestions that are not linked to sales driven demand. This includes open demand, whether from transfer orders, sales order releases, or job materials declared as Make Direct. If the MRP module is installed but it cannot create an unfirm job for a demand transaction, the Epicor application also displays this type of transaction in the queue.

I hope this helps!