MS Access on Server running OpenEdge (Vantage 8)

I have a batch file to allows me to import the Live backup into the
Training DB

It shuts down the Training App Servers

Shuts down the Training DB

Sleeps for 20 seconds

Copies the AI files

Runs RFUTIL to end after imaging

Imports the Backup.01 file (prorest)

Runs Prostrct Repair to update the path to the Training AI files.

Runs RFUTIL to begin after imaging

Starts the Training DB

Starts the system App server. (Here is where my question comes into

At this point in the file I have issued a "pause".

During the pause, I open MS Access on my desktop that runs three update
queries from the autoexec. One query updates the company name, one
updates the path to custom reports in the PUB_Menu table, and the last
one updates the Task AppServer URL and System AppServer URL in the
PUB_SysAgent table.

After running the Access program, I go back to the server and "press any
key" to continue the batch job which:

Starts the ProcessAppServer

Starts the TaskAppServer.

It works awesome,

My question is this, I realize that if MS Access was installed on the
server , I could issue a call to the application to automate the PUB
table updates and eliminate the need for the pause command from the
batch file. Does anyone have any issues regarding installing Access on
the Vantage Server in terms of conflicts with the OpenEdge DB.

I run backup exec on this server which sits on top of a SQL db without a

Thanks in advance.

Gerard M Wadman


Sr. Network Systems Engineer

11A Beaver Brook Road

Littleton, MA 01460

978/486-4088 x 124

866/486-4108 (fax)

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