Multicompany in one DB

We have what we believe is a common set up: more than one company stored in the same SQL database in E10. The question is how we can backup / restore just one company in case that something goes wrong with one of them without affecting the other two? Are there any tools either from EPICOR or a 3rd party utility that can help with this scenario?

Daniel Dell’Aquila

Uh, no…but curious why you feel the need to? I ask because there may be other tools to consider……

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This would be hugely beneficial and would allow migrating and removing a single company. I would assume that the Epicor SAAS team has something to do this. @Bart_Elia any ideas?

I don’t think you can do this… at least not easily… every table in Epicor is littered with company specific information, you’d have to write a backup script that queried each individual table where CompanyID=X… and even restoring that back would be a nightmare you’d have to do inserts into each table… I don’t think there is any solution for this out there… Unless epicor wrote a specific set of scripts for this

Right the need would be to automate the script process so that EACH and EVERY table in the DB - including IM tables, i suppose - would need to be polled, filtered/cleared of ALL entries with COMPANY = X, and then filled/inserted with ALL entries with COMPANY = X - from an active separate restored DB.
i’ve never seen anything like this done before.

So theoretically, it IS possible. But a technical challenge to say the least.

We do have an internal tool for this in SaaS we have been working on but you quickly run into what jose mentioned - tables not tied to a company (or tenant).

If your have been paying attention to the past few releases we are adding more ‘Company Visibility’ columns and ui widgets to manage those scenarios as we try to tease apart the proper ownership of an item

How does SAAS remove customer data after they stop paying?

+1 for multitenancy on your priority list.

Honestly don’t know. I’ll have to pester our ops folks the next time they need a favor :wink:

I would love to hear a talk on how they manage it and the lessons learned, especially with scaling and monitoring.

Today, I have told about RedGate SQL Compare as the tool that could possibly do this: I can load a SQL Backup file to the SQL Compare Program and point it to the LIVE Epicor Database and instruct SQL Compare to show the differences between the Backup and LIVE where the Company = the Company I am trying to restore. SQL Compare then creates a script file to run on your Live Database to make it match your Backup with the Company filter.

Has anyone tried this tool? Would Epicor frown upon this idea?

Here is the link: SQL Compare: Compare And Synchronize SQL Server Schemas

I’d wager good money that Epicor would pop a vein if you did this


It looks like Data Compare does what you are talking about.

Epicor has to be using a tool like this for their SAAS database.