Multiple approved revs - does Epicor choose the newest rev by default?

It appears that if we have 2 revs approved Epicor defaults to the newest rev. This is not what we want, as we want to use up stock of the old rev before we start selling the new rev.

Is my understanding correct that Epicor defaults to the newest rev of a part when multiple revs are approved? Is there a way to change this behavior so we can follow FIFO for our inventory?

The tricky thing is that Epicor defines “newest” as the most recently approved rev. So if you went in and tweaked Rev A (or even just unapproved it, then re-approved it), A would now be the “newest” rev.

You could make a BPM or customization to select the Rev based on the Order Qty and QOH. (I assume you don’t want to ship x of Rev A and y of Rev B to fulfill a requirement of qty of x+y

The latest effective date <= today on an approved revision will default. You can push out the effective date to anything greater than today on the new revision until you have depleted your stock. This is manual but will work.

Automatic would require a BPM.


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