First In First Out for inventory - Epicor does the opposite with revs?

If we have two revs that are approved, I would expect the standard functionality would be to use up the old rev before shipping the new rev. Although, Epicor does the opposite it defaults to the newest rev(meaning if we don’t change our orders/jobs to use the old rev we’ll never ship them…). Is there a way to tell Epicor we want to always ship the oldest rev first(first in first out)?

Epicor does not utilize Revision in it’s inventory at all. If you have a part number with 5 of rev A and 12 of rev B and 15 of rev C, all Epicor knows is that you have 32 of that part number on hand.

In addition, it doesn’t do FIFO for inventory either.

The only way do get this functionality that I’ve found is to lot-track all your inventory, and then modify the pick list to show the available lots by whatever date field you’re using to track your FIFO with.


That’s a cool way to go about it. Interesting Ernie.

That’s exactly what we do - we use lot tracking to keep track how many of what rev we have :slight_smile:

Sorry I think I could have more carefully chosen my words… If we have a rev A approved(older) and a rev B approved(newer) by default on the sales order Epicor defaults to the newer rev(rev B). That is the opposite of what we want - we want to sell the old stuff first. So we’re being asked to develop a customization for order entry that prints a message if more than one rev is approved for a line to remind the person to change the rev to the older rev. This to me seems like a duct tape solution, so was hoping there might be a better solution… Maybe a popup to remind the person to do the opposite of what Epicor defaults to is our best option though?

On the Part Maintenance screen there is a checkbox labeled “Use Part Rev” that is selected by default, and that is the flag that tells Epicor to use the most recent approved revision. If that checkbox is NOT selected and there are multiple approved revisions, Epicor will NOT default a revision into a new Sales Order and force you to select one.

There is no out-of-the-box “use the oldest stuff first” functionality at the sales order level.