Multiple Customer POs Single Sales Order

Will Epicor 10 allow you to have multiple customer purchase orders on a single sales order? I am told that it was possible in Vantage, but I came on about a year or so after updating to Epicor and am not sure. Any thoughts?

Check out the following thread on the topic:

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We have for example used the term “See Below” as the purchase order number signaling that the OrderRel.Reference field was now going to contain the purchase order number or EDI 830 Material Release number the shipment was going against. Now you just have to display the Reference field wherever needed. When printing a sales order acknowledgement it literally says in the PO field “See Below” showing the PO Number for each release date next to it. If your wanting to do this at the Order Line level similar thinking could be used with a user defined field if necessary. Hope this helps.

This was the direction I was thinking, just wanted to reach out and see how others have handled this in the past. Most of our forms are customized for our business, so it is a possibility for us to handle it this way.