Multiple DocStar Environments

Those that use DocStar. Do you have a test environment for DocStar? We just have a single instance that’s connected to both ERP PROD and DEV/TEST. Not the greatest setup as documents from those environments land in DocStar. I’d like to have a separate DocStar environment for testing.

When running the installer I can’t specify database settings outside of pointing it to the SQL server. I’m afraid when I run the installer it’s going to overwrite my PROD DocStar dBs. I asked DocStar support and they were no help. They said ask professional services :roll_eyes: Did you setup a seperate SQL instance just for DocStar testing? Or how did you handle it. I really don’t think I need to buy PS time for this question.

Yes. Just tell Epicor you want to setup a test docstar server. They will even install the software once you have the server setup.
Note: when moving live database to pilot you need to re-create the data file headers. ( not the right name contact me if you need clarification)
We just add a P to the end of the title as you can’t delete the files from the instance.


Chris Wineinger
Dorner Mfg

We have Test as well as Dev. Environment for Docstar, All such installations are carried out on separate VM’s. Even DB’s are on separate DB server.
Why PS ? This is a matter of reading the Installation Doc and following the steps.
You mayhave separate VM’s (App + IDC + DB) … You can check the Live config. in the Eclipse Server Config:
hope this helps !

Former place we had DEV/TST/TRN/PRD of everything. Insite Manifest, Service Connect, BarTender …


@chaddb - we too have a Dev environment - just ask for a dev license like @RedRhyno13 said, and install like Prod.

Unlike him, we tend to keep everything separate and manually move things to production when we’re finished working on them. It’s of course a personal preference, but it allows us to keep toying with things (workflows, forms, etc.) without worrying about them getting copied to production. PLUS, the datalinks can be experimental and only the finished version gets into Prod. It’s a bit more work, but we treat our Dev E10 environment the same way. We never really copy databases, just objects when they are ready for Prod. Plus it’s all VMs so we can break/replace them at will :slight_smile:

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No idea. I have no desire to use their Professional Services for this. But that was what support said I had to do for this. I contacted them because I couldn’t locate the installer for DocStar or any of the Docs. They came back with setup time with PS.

So that’s what I told them and they said they didn’t do that it would have to go through PS. I really don’t want to buy time from PS for this. I thought it would be a simple install. I manage our on-prem Epicor. I didn’t think this would be harder. I’ll go back to Epicor support again and see about getting a dev license.

@chaddb - give it a try. After two passes I figured out what I was doing wrong (url) and then it became easy. In fact, you have to run the ‘setup’ over again if you want to turn on SSO or some other options after the fact. It really is pretty easy, so you shouldn’t have to buy time from PS especially if you’re managing an on-prem E10 install (we do as well).

Set up a VM, get the OS fully patched up, and install SQL locally if you want, then take a snapshot and try the DS install. You can reset and try again quite easily :slight_smile: If you need help with it, give me a shout.

That was my thought. I will need to locate another SQL instance to use for this test DocStar instance. I don’t see a way to tell it what to name the dBs. We have plenty of SQL servers, so that won’t be an issue.

YES - That is just insane and frankly pisses me off…

Just stupid. It pisses me off too… This isn’t something I see them fixing either.

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3 years later, did they ever fix this? We’re just starting to evaluate DocStar

Not that I know of, but I’ve not ‘installed’ it for quite some time, only updates. As long as you have a second SQL instance (which is technically free for DEV operations/purposes) then it’s not an issue.

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Unfortunately multiple environments require multiple licenses.

The single instance can work if you are willing to make copies of workflows and copy/paste a few hundred fields.

You can create multiple integrations but the second and later instances do not link with a workflow. You copy all workflows. Select integration datalinks for other environment (test, pilot, etc) - fix every single one. Now you have a test environment.

Alternative get a test license and a new vm or if on the cloud, talk to Epicor get a second instance.

Epicor will give you a 2nd dev/test license for ECM (DocStar) if you’re under a maintenance agreement. You just have to request it in Wayfinder.