Multiple Filters on Income Statement

Epicor 9.05.607

Our gl accounts are setup as division - natural account - department.
I have three divisions: 010, 020, 030
I have 24 departments. If the same department exists in two divisions I use the same department number. For example Project Management is department 670, so my labor accounts are

010 - 50000 - 670
020 - 50000 - 670

I need to run monthly financial statements by department & separate the divisions. However, when I run an income statement with the filter on department, I get data for both divisions on the same income statement.

I understand AFR has the ability to use multiple filters.

How do other companies handle the need to have multiple filters without purchasing an additional AFR module? I'm trying to avoid creating separate department numbers for the same function if possible.

Thank you
Craig Canter
Colony, Inc