Multiple Row Rules - Order of Priority

I have a grid showing stock items (on the Allocate by Lot option, Fulfilment Workbench screen) and there are currently 3 row rules applied.

  1. Stock under Part Minimum Code - RED
  2. Stock under Customer Minimum Code - YELLOW
  3. Stock on QA Hold - BLUE

Is there a way to set the priority of these, so that BLUE takes precedent over YELLOW, RED, and RED takes precedence over YELLOW?

Is this driven from a BAQ?

If so, maybe create a custom field to determine the color, then create the row rules based on the custom field.

No it’s a standard screen, but I’ve added a column. I’ve played with adding another custom field, and calculating a status based on the 3 other rules.

I’ll do what you suggest, use that custom field to drive a single row rule.

Thanks Ken, hope you’re well!

or have the row rule call a function,

think @hkeric.wci did a presentation on this a few months back.