Multiple Tracking Numbers on AR Invoice in SSRS

Does anyone know a good link in Report Data Definition in 10.2.300 to display all tracking numbers on AR Invoice without duplicating lines on SSRS form?

You will have to use Linked tables on InvcDtl. That is what we use in 10.1. Should be the same.

Vinay Kamboj

Is it the PackNum link table you used?

I brought in the PackNum Link table from InvcDtl and it only displays the first Tracking Number. I need all the tracking numbers from the Phantom Details.

Are you trying to get a list of Tracking numbers to display once on Invoice (say in the header or footer)?

Or include the Tracking number(s) on each line of the invoice?

And do combine shipments multiple shipments on a single invoice?

I am trying to get the list of tracking numbers to display on Invoice on the invoice line due to multiple packing slips on the Invoice.

Lynn; have you resolved this? I would be interested in seeing what you did…