Outbound EDI - Adding Tracking Info

We have a bunch of vendors that require tracking info on their 810 Invoices in EDI. What we’ve been doing so far has been printing all the Invoiced to EDI, then going through one by one in TrueCommerce (an EDI Van/Platform) and manually putting in the tracking info. Obviously, this is super time exhausting. I’ve found the Outbound EPI Report Maintenance and Data Definition, I’ve duplicated this and have tried to add the TrackingNumber to this report. I’m super in way over my head and I have no clue what I’m doing with the databases, I was hoping that someone would help me wrap my head around this. I assume I need to add a Table to the Report and join it on some column that they both share? Anyways, any help would be greatly appreciated.


We’ve added the tracking number to our printed AR invoices. IIRC you can
join the InvdDtl table to the ShipHead table via Company, PackNum. I’d
imagine it’s similar to the EDI report RDD too.

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