Linking Sales Order Number in AR Invoice SSRS

The Erp.ShipDtl table it seems, would make it available for me to link the PackNum or JobNum to OrderNum.

I’m not sure how to get this dataset added to Microsoft SQL Server Report Builder to be able to link these numbers so it can be displayed on the AR Invoice (basically using the standard form, but we’ve added our logo).

Any help would be appreciated!

I assume you are asking about the report ARForm?
If so, the OrderNum is already in the raw data definition
But… for some reason isn’t in the query expression of the SSRS report.

Keeping in mind that the order number is tied to the Invoice LINE (not the header)
Here is just one way you could try adding the OrderNum to the ARForm report
(always make a backup first)

In SSRS, you can right click on the DataSet - ARForm,

  • open Dataset Properties
    — Edit the Query expression
    ---- Add the Field
  • close Dataset Properties
    and then add the new field to the report

Ref screen shots



Thank you so much!! I’m still learning SSRS and building these queries for Epicor. I appreciate your help!