Need scheduling guru help

Was needing to know if anyone could recommend an Epicor 9 “scheduling” guru/consultant that they have used in the past that knows all about MRP and the scheduling process in Epicor 9. We are having big issues and need some training. Thanks…


I’ve done some scheduling myself, but would not claim “guru” status. I have worked with another consulting company who’s done a lot of scheduling/MRP and can highly recommend them. Contact me offline and I can forward their information onto you.

Kevin Simon
SimsTrak Consulting, LLC

HI, can you provide an outline of the issues, I have worked extensivley in the production area of E9 & E10, feel free to PM me if you require.

Andy, can you send me your contact information so we can talk?

we basically built our own scheduling system ontop of epicor since we are a custom job shop. if you’re in the same situation let me know and ill fill you in with how we have done it. It all depends on what youre manufacturing. if its repeatable epicors base stuff works just fine. if not it gets pretty tricky.


I am interested in how you set up your scheduling for E9. We have not used the scheduling board/ resource scheduling until now since we are a relatively small manufacturing facility that does repeats and custom. We are setting up scheduling metrics to do testing on how to utilize the system. Do you have any tips from your experience that you may share?