Negative Misc Charges used as Discount

Hi All,

Just wanted to check if this is normal for Misc Charges in PO.
I have created a PO with a negative Misc Charges (discount).


However, this misc charges doesn’t seem to reflect in receipt and AP invoice.





I have tried adding the misc charges both on header and line, but it still doesn’t reflect automatically in the invoice and receipt.


Did you print the invoice and see what it showed?

Hi there, yes i did.
I expect the invoice to reflect the amount as 8100 after the negative charges, but it is still showing in 10000 everywhere, including the report :sweat_smile:

found the way to retrieve the misc charges in AP invoice, the current system design is to retrieve it manually. Trying to automate this now :sweat_smile:

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I wonder what the thinking was there.

You would think if someone went to the trouble of adding a charge… it would just show up.
Instead of confusing the f#$% out of everyone.

exactly :sweat_smile:
procurement and finance team doesn’t interact much with each other, thus, how would finance team knows if the PO does have a Misc Charges and that they need to go through the manual way to click Retrieve > click add charges on the invoice :sweat_smile: I mean they could but they have to go through every PO and double check

Also be aware that misc charges on a line act differently than misc charges at the header.

may I know the difference ? I have not explored the misc charges on line yet as we’re sticking with the line for now.

I believe that misc at the header level won’t apply until the entire order is fulfilled.

And you’re aware that there are different types of misc charges. Ones that are tied to the first receipt (like a one time setup charge), ones that apply to every receipt (like a delivery charge), and ones that only apply upon completion.

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In AP you can’t pull a line charge to the invoice unless the receipt has occurred So for example, if you have a tooling charge to make a part, and the supplier sends an invoice for that tooling charge, you can’t pull it in because the lines aren’t received because the parts aren’t even made yet. We changed our process several years ago to tell procurement all misc charges are to be enterered at the header, regardless of what line they belong to.

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