PO Misc Charge and Invoice

I have a new accountant and just trying to help her understand best practice.

I have a PO that was closed and invoiced in Nov 2018. They went back in Feb and added a Misc Charge to the Line. We can’t invoice the line since it was already invoiced. (Does not pull in when creating invoice). The only think I can think accounting needs to do is create a Misc Loan for that charge.

Am I telling them correct to just create a Misc Line?

There are 2 ways we have handled this:

(1, not clean way) create a line on the sales order with part# MISC, qty 1, unit price the misc charge. Ship it out, and invoice it like a normal part. Then qty adjust the part# MISC back to 0 in the system. I am not entirely sure what else this touches, but on a financial side, it seems to work. Again, it is dirty and not ideal.

(2 Adv Billing) Open the Order, Open the line, add the misc charge to it. Then go to AR Invoice Entry, create a new group in save. In the new menu, select “New Advance Billing”. In the form, enter the sales order. Create a new line, and point it to the sales order line that you added the misc charge to. Enter the amount. Add in your comments, and save, and post. This will allow for you to invoice without having to ship anything, and make it a little more traceable and cleaner than a misc invoice. Once it is billed, if you go back to the sales order, you should see the field on the line that says “Adv Bill Bal” for the amount that you invoiced. We have only tried this in our test environment, but it looked a lot cleaner. Hope this helps???

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Hi Kimberly,
Did you ever resolve this? We are running into the same situation and I’m curious if you figured out the best way to handle it. I think Nick’s response is accurate but is related to the Order/AR Invoice side, whereas this is an issue with the Purchase Order and AP Invoice.

No I have not, but forgot about this. I will follow up and see what I find out.

Awesome, thanks for the quick response!

Hi Kimberley,
Have you heard anything back on this yet?
Let me know!

We didn’t get a clear answer and I may not have another for a few weeks when our consultant comes back. Are your charges related to a job? He showed us this but we are linked to jobs.

Yeah our charges are linked to a Job. So we ended up just adding them as Job Misc Charges instead of PO Misc Line Charges, and then Invoiced them that way. Seemed to work well! Thanks again for checking!

A bit old topic, but could not find anything else about it.

Would this be applicable for also applying discounts on purchase orders from supplier?

My finance teams is against it for some reason, but I could not find any other standard way to visualize purchase order discounts and also apply them.