*NEW - Covid test tracking Log and OSHA Report in latest 5.15.448 patch

For all you HCM users out there, the 5.15.448 patch includes a new COVID Tracking log function!!! Just in time. Thought you should know.

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Dang Mike, is there any Epicor product y’all don’t use??

LOL - There are a few things… like I’ve not gotten Bartender working yet…

Oh man you are missing out BarTender is the beez kneez

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Joshua, are you saying that seriously or sarcastically?

Oh my young grasshoper @utaylor. Bartender is seriously a joy to work with. I can’t imagine trying to do labels with SSRS. He is 100% being serious.

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Sorry @utaylor, I was being serious as BT is probably the only thing we do not use… and EFP, EKM, and EPM, Mattec, and some others but I kept my answer simple.

If you are having trouble, I’d start another thread and start the discussion. I’ve been holding off on BT to see if the interface would change with kinetic - API vs file drop and all that. But I don’t know enough about BT yet so I would be VERY interested in the conversation.

EDIT - Aaaannnndddd, Brandon beat me to it.


I saw you typing, and was like, “oops, I hope I can get this done fast enough”… but I couldn’t

All good brother! Great minds think alike!