New Year - Cost Capture and AR Clearing account problems in 9.05

We are on 9.04.506C

The Cost Capture dates always default back to the first day of the calendar month you are in and the current date for the ending date after you submit, but almost always (at least for us) posts transactions for the dates entered...

...We had the same problem you have back in October (we cut over from 6.1 in August) where the calendar date was 11/10/10 and I specified 10/01/10 and 10/31/10 for the beginning and ending dates and the 11/01/10 to 11/10/10 transactions posted into October. (October because November was closed, I think)! That sure made a mess of the GL! The only explanation Epicor could come up with is that I never changed the original default dates or another person posted the 11/1 to 11/10 transactions. The first explanation felt like an insult since the Cost Capture is a very dangerous weapon when in the wrong hands and I am very careful using it and the System Manager and I are the only two people who have access to Cost Capture. Soooo, someone else has the same problem. I feel vindicated. We have not had any issues like this since then. Jennifer, did those January transactions post to January or December? Have you recently converted to 9?

We also had a problem with the AR clearing having a large debit balance and cost of sales too low at the end of our first month on 9. I never got an explanation for this issue, but in all honesty, MX left voice mails wanting to discuss after I sent WIP-REC detail, but did not have the fortitude to pursue with someone whose primary language is not English. I ended up journaling the debit in AR clearing to cost of sales. It has been okay since then and was probably one of the numerous data conversion issues we had. Epicor trying to convert data from 6.1 to 9.0 in a few days gave us a lot of bugs that had to be dealt with on top of learning the new look and feel.

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