No Keyboard Shortcuts

Is there a way to enable the keyboard in the ERP? It seems like all the standard windows shortcuts are missing (Ctrl+S to save, Ctrl+O to open, Ctrl+N for new items).

Come to think of it, many parts of the app have no navigation short cuts (ALT+keys) for clicking buttons, or navigating to labels, etc.

I suppose the app was intended to be used with the mouse?

Choose “Options” on the menubar ( I think it’s under Tools), then select the “Hot Keys” tab.


From there you can assign functions to hot keys. Note that this is form specific. You’d need to do that on every form you open.

The is the Global options" tab, which will have it’s own “Hot Keys” tab. But the available actions to assign are very limited.

Thanks that is helpful.

Do you happen to know why standard keyboarding shortcuts aren’t available by default? It seems unfortunate that we have to configure this for ourselves. It seems to me that users should be encouraged to use standard keyboarding shortcuts that exist in other windows applications, rather than coming up with something of our own invention. (Not to say epicor users aren’t inventive, but it doesn’t seem necessary for us to reinvent keyboarding shortcuts).

I can’t speak for Epicor’s reason for not making many keybaord shortcuts “standard”.

But remember that the info in a window drives lots of other things. When you save a Sales order, processing happens behind the scenes (like allocating the items). So saving after making changes is not trivial like saving a word document. And I mean it’s not trivial in the affect you could have.

Plus I thing very old versions (like Vista 4) didn’t follow Windows standards. CTRL+S was for “Search”, not “Save”.

I do miss being able to use ALT+ a key to jump to a specific field, like most windows applications support. Although this seems to be going away as touch screens take over. :frowning:

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I use the hot key definition for programs where I use special functions regularly… example is in Product Configurator, where I ALWAYS setup F12 as the “Test” to eliminate multiple mouseclicks.

Note that in the Options window there are TWO places you can set the hot keys…

  1. there are GLOBAL options… these apply to all programs for the user:

  2. there are Program Specific Options… this allows you to setup any control or function key to any of the menu or options that are on that specific program where you run the Options:

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@timshuwy Wierdly the Tools menu is disabled when I go to load a configurator for configured part. Is there Epimagic to enabling this or setting it (perhaps through test mode)?


i dont believe that hot keys were ever enabled for configurators. probably due to the fact that these are all custom programs that are generated by the configurator.

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Thanks @timshuwy

A bit of testing and a Global hotkey for save appears to work ok, not ideal, but for testing purposes it does work.