Noncommissionable Part Numbers

Is there a way to setup a part number so that it will not be included in the commission report?
The way we have always done our freight charges from our different facilities is by setting them up as part numbers. So when we switched to Epicor we set them up the same way because of this we need to be have it where they are not commissionable. Doing this will keep the freight charges from showing up on the commission report.

I’ve always used BPMs to set the “Commissionable” flag on OrderDtl.

That’s kind of what I was thinking I would have to do or write code in a customization that updated the check box on a sales order when a part in a specific part class was added to a sales order. I’m not that familiar with how BPMs work so if I went this route how would I do that for a specific part class?

Specific to Part Class (typically the Part Class is for Purchasing, not Sales), create a UD checkbox field on PartClass called Commissionable_c. Then a BPM can be used to lookup the value of that field using an Update Table By Query widget.

Thanks Jason, that worked perfectly.

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