Nonconformance Close status

I am looking for a way to calculate and report “Days to Close” a nonconformance to develop a KPI to monitor average time to close.

You should be able to query PartTran by NonConfID and get the date and time of the moves in and out of inspection. Max(SysDate + SysTime) - Min(SysDate + SysTime), basically.

When I go to Part Transaction History I only have the search type options “Basic”, “Data Tags” , and “BAQ” . How do I search by a NonConfID? That works for individual Nonconformance but is there a way to search for all Nonconformances closed during a specified time period? How can find the data fields required to request our IT to develop a report or BAQ for this?

PartTran.TranType will tell you what action took place. XXX-INS for newly created nonconformance entries, INS-XXX for the results of the inspection processing.

PartTran.SysDate will tell you the day of the transaction.

PartTran.NonConfID will tell you the nonconformance ID.