DMT AP Invoice Entry

We are trying to use the DMT tool to load invoices into the AP invoice entry screen from an excel file. We have the correct columns for the DMT upload however, it errors out every time. We have had numerous calls with Epicor so we know we have the correct columns and headings and they cannot figure out why the DMT will not load. Has anyone else had this issue in E10? We are on version E10.2.300.12. We use the DMT for AR invoice entry and it works fine.

Does it not process any records? Or does it process some, then fail at a certain one?

What errors do you get?

About 1 out of 5 times we can load line 1 and then it fails. All other times it fails on all lines.

What exactly is the error message?

Also, if line 1 (I assume you mean the 1st data row in the excel file) works okay, and line 2 fails, does line 2 then work if you remove line 1 from the upload file (so now the second line is the first)?

Could you post a sample of your upload file?

Have you tried with the least amount of columns possible (required columns only)? What about using “Open Invoice Load” in the AP Setup Menu?

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Yes, we are currently using the least columns we need to get the data in and I looked at the AP invoice upload but it only loads an invoice and the balance and no line detail. It is primarily
used when loading invoices from an old system into Epicor at go live. We need to get line detail and GL charges.

If you can think of anything else, please let me know. We have a call open with Epicor but they cannot seem to figure out why it will not work.


I have done this too. rather than using DMT, you can just paste insert directly into the Open Load menu in the list view with the required fields. I find some fields, such as currency conversion, tend to work more easily in the user interface.

From what I can see on the Invoice load screen, there is no place to enter the misc line charge and the GL we need the new invoice to go to. It appears you can only enter the total invoice amount,
invoice number and it all loads to one GL. I think this open load is used when loading invoices from your old software into Epicor.


@jilllopez - Which DMT is not working? APCombined? Have you tried splitting it up via AP Invoice Group, then Head, then Detail? Or have you loaded in the invoice & balance already via Open Invoice Load and then tried adding lines via DMT’s AP Invoice Detail?

Yes, AP Invoice Combined. We need to load the header and then header misc line detail. I guess we can look into loading it in two separate groups. We have not tried to load the balance in
open load and then the detail after. It would be nice if we could do it all at once! The AR combined works great so it is weird that the AP does not. I will try loading it separately.

Thank you for the suggestion!


Just to be clear, you don’t want to use separate Invoice entry groups. Just do it as separate DMT uploads that reference the same AP entry group

  1. Create a invoice group manually, or upload a file that makes just the entry group
  2. Upload file of just invoice headers
  3. Upload file of just invoice lines
  4. Upload file of just invoice misc charges