'Not Supported' error - 905 client installation fails to open main m

Hello, I install 905 client in two computers. The first one opens main menu fine. The second fails and comes up with an application error "Not Supported" like this:

Error Detail
Not supported

Stack Trace
   at System.Management.ManagementEx ception.ThrowWithExtendedInfo( ManagementStatus errorCode)
   at System.Management.ManagementEv entWatcher.Start()
   at Epicor.Mfg.Lib.NetworkMonitor. watchEvent(String eventName)
   at Epicor.Mfg.Lib.NetworkMonitor. Start()
   at Epicor.Mfg.UI.Suspend..ctor(Fo rm mainForm, Session session)
   at Epicor.Mfg.UI.MenuForm.loadUse rSettings(String userID)
   at Epicor.Mfg.UI.MenuForm.SetupCo mponent()
   at Epicor.Mfg.UI.App.Launch.ShowM enuForm()
   at Epicor.Mfg.UI.App.Launch.ShowD ialog(String[] args)

Brief client installation instructions I used in both computers:

1. Run dotnetfx35.exe — .NET Framework 3.5 sp1

2. Run CRRuntime_12_3_mlb.exe — Crystal Reports 2008 Runtime

3. Run Epicor9Client.msi and change destination folder to C:\Epicor905

4. Copy \\servername\epicor905\client\ config to C:\Epicor905\config


Am I missing something? - pls help.

It should be something easy I don't know about.


The logon account has administrative access. Username/password is the same.

I get the same error in winxp, and win7 client installations as well.